Not just Bits and Bows...

Not just Bits and Bows...

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Nursery Tour!

I've been dying to get the nursery started since I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks! I held back as much as I could but then as soon as the New Year was upon us, I knew it was time to start my favourite thing of all...SHOPPING!

Daniel woke up New Year's Day and I had everything added to my basket and planned in my head, so with the go ahead from Mr Bank himself I had a spree and literally ordered everything we needed!

By this point we knew we was having a baby boy, due to early screening and test results (which I'll go into in another post!)

I had a few ideas in mind,and had been stalking pinterest for weeks, so knew that we wanted a navy/nautical/crafty theme going on! We rolled with our (my) ideas and here is how it all turned out!...
I ordered these letters, which are delivered as plain unfinished wood, and I painted them myself with white gloss and attatched them to the wall with sticky tabs!
The letters were from ebay, 2mm and cost £6.00 for 6 letters!
The clouds are also from ebay, around £3 for 18! Although I only used a few as I didn't want cloud overload!
The wall colour is Dulux Feature Wall, Sapphire Salute! (£15.99) We really, really struggled to find a navy blue paint! After hours of searching we finally found this one, and luckily the tin just about had enough to cover the wall we needed!
Rather than have a wardrobe I wanted a clothing rail and shelving, which is what we did for Daisy's nursery too, so we hit Ikea for these as I find their storage fab! The rail (MULIG) was just £6.50, and canvas style shelves around £8.50 too!
We DEFINATLY need to fill up on clothes and accessories though, I'm just holding out for the S/S style baby collections to fully hit the shops so we can go on a spree of mini outfits!
NOW this cot bale was sooooo hard to find! With our navy theme we REALLY struggled to find navy or nautical cot bedding...In fact navy anything! I eventually found one online at Mothercare,for £34.99, however when it arrived it was for a crib NOT a cot! Whoooops! I knew the price seemed too good to be true! Baby brain already! So back to Mothercare it went in exchange for this 'Whale Bay' cot bale, which set us back £69.99! Quite pricey in my opinion, but I blame myself for not going with generic baby blue Everything! It is worth it though,the quality is great and it's exactly what the room needed! Mothercare also sell other things to match, so I'm currently eyeing up the changing mat and bath set!
The Moses basket was loaned to us by my sister in law, It is Claire De Lume, and is in fact the same as the one we had for Daisy when she was born! But I had given hers away!
The stand is a rocking stand off ebay, for a bargain £10! It was actually from Babies R Us, but their ebay store!
This rocking chair was actually given to us by a family member when Daisy was a bump, and I NEVER got round to painting it for her (Bad mom alert!) It was originally a mahogony style wood with a vintage brown floral cushion! I was determined to finally sort it out this time round, and so I did! Using Antique white chalk paint, I didnt need to sand it or prepare the wood, so after just one coat this is the outcome! The striped fabric you can see is ready to be cover the current seat, and the Mickey Mouse cushion is from the Disney Store for a bargain £10!
So here is where Baby Daniel will sleep! I knew I wanted white furniture from the start, so as soon as I saw this Mama's and Papa's cot I knew I had to have it! I was a great price, from Argos on Ebay, for just £139.99 and that included the 3 tier changing table to match!
The cloud mobile is from The White company for £25.00! Quite pricey considering it is technically just cardboard and string, however it matched perfectly and it sets the room off!

We still have a few things to do, such as put shelves up, cover the rocking chair and buy a striped rug! But I'm in no rush now, it's all coming together and it's just so exciting!

What do you think of Baby Daniel's room?! Do you like the idea of using Navy rather than baby blue?
Leave your comments below :-)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Heading in a new direction.....

Its been far too long since I posted anything on my blog, and I've been thinking for a while now of taking it in a new direction...Yes I love fashion, clothes, hauls and shopping BUT my life and priorities are different now, and I find myself stalking momma blogs over fashion blogs on a daily basis!
I've left retail, I'm 23 weeks pregnant, and Im loving everything housewife! Im learning to cook (at last), Im loving DIY, and 2015 is turning out to be a pretty good one so far!
Anyway, because of all this Ive decided to make a comeback...a serious one! Not a post every blue moon, but regular updates, moans, giggles and hauls!
I could talk forever, and I want to express that in typing! I'll probably drive you all mad rambling on, but hey, if you like it you'll read it right?
I've experienced a turbulent pregnancy, and face struggles every day, and I hope sharing these kinda things with you will not only help me, but maybe even help some of you!

So I hope you enjoy reading as much as I'm looking forward to writing!

Love Sarah...


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