Not just Bits and Bows...

Not just Bits and Bows...

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What will the New Year bring...

Heya my lovelies!

It's been a while since I was on here eh! Well I can assure you I'm back, and I'm back for good!
Baby Daniel is now 6 months old, so I'm over the sleepless nights (THANK GOD!) and the settling in period, and I'm determined 2016 will be my year to have time to myself, and do more of what I enjoy!

2015 has been one hell of a year, I'll be writing all about that over the next few days!I have so many ideas, launches, work ideas that I want to put into action, I just need to make the time for them all! But I will do it, and I'll make sure your all part of it!

I thank every single one of you for the support, love, and kind words throughout this past year! The messages I recieved about my PND post was just mind blowing, reading your lovely words and knowing I touched so many of your hearts, really did make me reassess things, and understand that everyone is fighting a battle, behind that smile, there really can be all sorts going on! So thank you for opening my eyes to what really happens behind your selfie!

Also a massive shoutout to all my Bits and Bows customers, past, present and future! Without you I'd most likely be stuck in a job I hate, missing out on watching my children grow up, back in an awful retail job that dulls my brain! When you buy from me, your not paying for a millionaire to buy their 5th house, or travel the world, your paying for Daisy-Ella's dance lessons, for baby Daniels ever growing baby grows, and you pay to put food on our table! To have my regulars come back time and time again, some which have been coming for the past 5 years makes my heart melt! I promise every single one of you that 2016 is going to be bigger and better than ever before!

With Younique Make up and skincare available from January, Childrenswear from February, and Bridalwear from March it's a busy few months ahead but I CAN DO IT, only with your help though!
Please continue to support Bits and Bows and help spread the word far and wide! Many of you are not only customers, but have also turned into friends and I will always be grateful of having such fabulous ladies in my life!

I said I wouldn't be making New Years resolutions but hey ho, why not! I've definitely learnt lots from 2015, so why not continue to learn from them....

1-Make more time for ME! Blogging, shopping, reading a book! Even just a long hot child free bath! This WILL happen!
2-Take on a new venture...first stop,YOUNIQUE!Maybe even look into doing a make it course this summer!?
3-Stop being a YES man, say no if I actually don't want to do something, the amount of time I waste on doing things for others,instead of myself and my family is unbelievable! I'll never be a selfish person,never! But I need to learn when to say NO!

So on that note, I'll love and leave you all to have the most wonderful New Year and I wish every single one of you a fantastic 2016!Thank you, thank you and thank you once again....

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