Not just Bits and Bows...

Not just Bits and Bows...

About Us!

Once upon a time there was a fashion graduate called Sarah (Miss Bows)…Sarah had the dream of creating her own empire and decided to persue this dream of making pretties and one off designs that could make any girl smile….

From starting a small Myspace page to Facebook and Twitter…the empire grew and grew till it was bigger than jack’s beanstalk…It became “Bows Towers”.

Sarah started creating custom made clothing for customers all over the world…from England to Australia, girls as far as space wanted to be seen in Bows treats!

Her clothing truely was a hit with everyone…so Sarah decided to try out something new…and this is where the fun began!…

Jewellery became Sarah’s number one passion…from creating tiny pretty jewels to oversized chunky sweet treat pieces, Sarah had finally found her forte.

Sarah decided this is what she wanted to do forever and ever, stocking jewellery treats gave her the confidence she needed to take it further!

When Sarah saw her designs in magazines such as MORE!, OK!Extra and TOTP she was the happiest treacle in the history of the world and as her empire grows and grows she is entirely grateful for every Bows customer ever to order or be seen in her jewellery delights!

To be continued….

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