Not just Bits and Bows...

Not just Bits and Bows...

Monday, 13 April 2015

Just a little something....

I've been dying to get round to writing this post since my last one! If you read my last blog (which had a whopping 2000 views!) then I would like to say THANK YOU! If you have messaged me, commented on the post, or contacted me in any way THANK YOU again! And lastly to the girlies who have messaged me saying they have booked GP appointments after reading it, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you! I feel so proud that I achieved exactly what I wanted to do!

I'm a bit of a closed book usually, so you can imagine how hard it was to write, it was almost like therapy though! It made me feel a sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!

The morning after the list went live I woke up to so many messages from girls that had felt, or was feeling the same things! I couldn't believe how many Parents out there feel the same, yet all feel so alone! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I hope you all realise this now! I've set up a new facebook group 'P-Word Momma's where we all have our daily rants....everyone and anyone is welcome to join! Whether your a new mom struggling, an expectant mom just after some regular conversation, or a PND/PTS sufferer who wants a chat with a stranger! We've also spoken about arranging a local meet up, somewhere kiddie friendly, where we can all have a gossip amd a cuppa!

But anyway, the main reason for this post is to thank everyone who read it and sent such amazing feedback, I didn't stop smiling all week!
It's funny you know, I had some beautiful messages off some friends and family, but the majority was off total strangers! Some family members/friends haven't even mentioned it, and obviously there's going to be some people that think 'oh what an attention seeker' or 'Oh god, as if she has put that out there for the world to see' but you know what, who cares? I certainly don't! It was the best decision I have made through this process and I KNOW I have made such a difference to so many people just by talking about a subject that is so taboo, so I'll carry on!

My workshops start next Thursday! It will last for 8 weeks and yup I'm Sh*****g myself! Eeeeek! But I'm determined to give them a shot! Any help that is offered, that is free and that is hard to find, is worth it right!? I hope you girls that spoke to your GP last week find some peace, and get some help! If it isn't offered go back again, and again, and again! Don't give up!

9 weeks to go until Baby Bump arrives, and far too much to look forward to! No more looking back!

This week we find out what school Daisy gets offered, the date of my section AND its my baby shower this weekend so I am far too excited for things to come!
I also only have a small amount of work left to do before my maternity can officially start, I can step away from my sewing machine and enjoy a summer with good people and my beautiful children!

Lots of love and high fives to all you hot Mommas!


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