Not just Bits and Bows...

Not just Bits and Bows...

Friday, 3 April 2015

What's in my Hospital bag...?

Everytime I tell people I have my hospital bag packed already, they either look at me like I have two heads and I'm crazy, OR they look at me in slight envy, wishing they were so bloody organised! 
You know me, OCD over lists, organisation and needing to have things prepared and ready at the first possible chance! Anyway I do only have around 10 weeks left! Eeeek!

I got my bag from Primark just £2.50 and it's the perfect size! It's just like a big laundry bag, but I thought why pay loads or bring a suitcase when this is the perfect size and a fab storage option for afterwards!
It has fitted every single item in perfectly, so I'm really pleased! It came in other prints too! Florals etc!

So here's a quick post to show what I've packed! 
I'm due to have an elective CS, most likely the second week of June, so it's going to be a hot, stuffy few days in hospital, so bear that in mind!

For me...

2 x nighties, Primark £6 each
1 x high waisted PJ's, Primark £7
8 pairs of FAT pants, Primark £4.50 per pack of 5
4 bra's, no padding or underwire! Primark £6 per pack of 2
Comfy new slippers, Primark £4
Coming home outfit-Maxi dress and flip flops!
Mini Shampoo/conditioner, Aussie mini bottles!
Hair bobbles
Dry shampoo (essential!)
Crocodile hair clip
Fresh new bath towel, Primark £7
Breast pads, Tesco £1.50
Maternity pads, Tesco £1.50

For Baby...

Mittens, Asda £2
5 x sleep suits, Asda and Tesco
8 x vests, Asda and Tesco
Nappies, Little Angels from Asda
Coming home outfit, The Disney Store

Things I need to add...

Phone charger!

Have I missed anything? Are there any essentials you think I need or any special extras you have packed in your bags? Comment with anything you think I have missed or need! to pack and unpack, then pack and unpack....!


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  1. Take a hand held fan as well hun. If it's going to be hot it'll come in handy for you 😊 xx


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